San Diego State University (SDSU) administers its comprehensive community engagement portfolio through its major divisions of Academic Affairs, Student Affairs, Business and Financial Affairs and University Advancement. SDSU’s community engagement efforts are managed on a day-to-day basis through a decentralized structure that is appropriate to their context and function. Within Academic Affairs, an Associate Dean in each of the seven colleges and the SDSU Imperial Valley campus serve as the designated administrators to approve all community-campus partnerships for research, service learning courses and academic internships. In Student Affairs, Career Services and the Jeffrey W. Glazer Center for Leadership and Service manage student experiential and civic learning through participation in internships and/or community service; these activities also include efforts by the Associated Students and its community partners. Business and Financial Affairs, through its Contract and Procurement Management unit, administer the “risk management” and compliance aspects of community engagement. And finally, the Division of University Advancement, through its Alumni Engagement and Community Affairs units, maintains broad community relations efforts throughout the San Diego region and beyond.

In addition, and as part of the Division of Academic Affairs, the Division of Academic Engagement and Student Achievement administers the Service Learning and Community Engagement Program. This program is led by the Director of Service Learning Vinod Sasidharan, Ph.D., and the Campus Director of Community Engagement, Jose Preciado, M.A.T. Both directors liaise with the California State University's Center for Community Engagement. The director of Service Learning leads efforts to expand course offerings and to support faculty participation from throughout the academic colleges and the SDSU Imperial Valley campus. The campus director for community engagement is responsible for submitting the annual report for the campus to the system in compliance with annual CSU guidelines. 

  • Campus Level Community Engagement.  A component of the Service Learning and Community Engagement Program is the development of resources to support faculty, staff, and students to undertake a community engagement efforts. These may be as part of a service learning course, academic outreach to public schools and/or general efforts in the community. Jose Preciado, Campus Director for Community Engagement is responsible for serving as a general resource to all campus stakeholders about initiating community engagement efforts.
  • Academic Affairs- Colleges and SDSU Imperial Valley.  Most community engagement efforts are led by individual faculty. The faculty in consultation with their department chairs or school directors, carryout major aspects of establishing community partnerships for research, their existing or new courses or as general community service activities. The designated associate deans of in each of the colleges and SDSU Imperial Valley finalize all new partnerships by approving the  Service Learning Agreements (SLAs). Service Learning Agreements are required only if students are enrolled in coursework that requires field work such as internships or courses with community-based components. Some community efforts led by faculty have optional community activities or single day efforts such a field trip or service day. These may not require and SLA. Each community engagement opportunity is then evaluated on a case by case basis and may require varying levels of review or approvals. All students going off campus as part of a course should sign a liability waiver form.
  • Division of Student Affairs and Associated Students
  • Division of Business and Financial Affairs
  • Division of University Advancement